Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Truth About Pool Covers

According to Child Accident Prevention Jersey (CAPJ), aside from its two public swimming pools, there are about 1,000 outdoor domestic swimming pools in Jersey. Their records show that there’s an average of one child drowning/near drowning in every home pools annually and children aged 5 and under are most at risk.
With an advocate to prevent drowning, CAPJ now aims to educate more pool owners about swimming pool safety and their first step is to gather endorsements for its new safety code – Home Swimming Pool Safety Code.

Louise Hamilton, CAPJ coordinator, said: "Water is very enticing to young children and pool covers are an additional hazard - children trying to walk on a cover can fall under them and cause a delayed rescue because the child cannot be seen."

Wait… Pool covers are an additional hazard? They are meant to prevent drowning, right? Or maybe not exactly…

A tragic pool accident happened in July 19 last year somehow agrees that pool cover might not exactly protect a child from drowning.

Two-year old twins named Angelina and Veronica Andreottola drowned in their swimming pool after one of them accidentally pushed the switch that partially opened the pool’s electric-powered retractable cover. Their bodies were found under the pool cover.

So, pool covers, especially the electric-powered retractable ones, are not to be trusted?

Not exactly.

Although we can quickly conclude that pool covers are meant to cover the pool and prevent drowning, not all pool covers are the same.

There are three types of pool cover such as winter pool cover, solar pool cover and safety pool cover. The latter obviously is the most appropriate one.

Many pool owners make a big mistake of purchasing an “ordinary” pool cover thinking that they will protect their swimming pool from debris and at the same time protect their loved ones from drowning. Some pool covers are not that thick to support a child’s weight and some can cause accidental slip that may result to drowning or head injury.

Pool owners should also do their part of choosing the right pool cover appropriate for a child’s age and keeping the safety pool cover securely installed.


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  8. What is this web page? Yes, when Parents FAIL to watch their Children - accidents WILL happen. It is criminal to allow a child to 'go out and play' UNATTENDED in the back yard with a pool out there. It is - have to say it - STUPID for anyone to believe a Pool cover can support the weight of a person!

    I feel for the loss of Children but this does not mean a person in their despair has to go on a campaign to interfere in other peoples lives. How many DIVING accidents occur every season? Compared to un-attended children?
    But this is not addressed - we accept diving is dangerous yet Folks continue to have a pool installed with a 8' deep end - instead of a four foot constant.
    There are Safety pool covers but the fact that GREED prices them at $1000.00 or more I am NOT a buyer!

  9. That pool cover shown in the photo can not support all those people. CLEARLY that cover is a widely available TARP. The weight of all those people would have pulled the material tight.

    It is consensus HERE this photo IS THE REASON people believe they can walk onto a covered pool. The blame is right in front of you.
    Sadly most of the commenters here have a 'link' to sales of pool covers. Using a tragedy to drum up sales is DISGRACEFUL!!!

  10. having some pool cover could help your children keep away from your pool, but i think having some pool fencing could surely enhance your child safety!

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  12. Other than drowning another accident that often happens in pool is slipping and/or getting sick caused by algae infection. Not many parents know this, but children are known to be rowdy at times and there's a chance that them may get a minor cut while playing on the side of a pool. If a pool is not well maintained and algae hast started to manifest in between the tiles then there's a chance the these bacteria can enter an open wound; even if it's just a minor cut, algae entering the child's body is never safe. This is the very reason why I make sure to have our pool maintained by a pool service in phoenix - to make sure that our pool is 100% safe to swim in and to avoid unwanted accidents.

  13. Who writes this shit? A covered pool is to be avoided at all costs. Children of any age should be taught this early and often. There is no way toddlers and small children the difference between pool cover types! They should be taught that all covers are deadly and they are never to be around a pool without their parents. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing this garbage.

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  15. Pool Cover is very important for swimming pool because it keeps pool water clean, dust free and also protect children from the pool as we have heard many drowning cases. The pool cover protect it from the many external contaminants, for that you can save a lot of time and energy to cleaning to pool. Algae is also the most common problem for a pool owner because algae required sunlight to grow so if you cover your pool properly, sunlight will not penetrate in and the risk can be reduced to a great extent.


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  21. Pool covers are NOT to keep people from drowning. They are used to keep debris out of the pool when not in use and to prevent the water from evaporating. Anyone who thinks pool covers are meant to prevent drowning is an idiot who didn't bother to do any research.

  22. Pool covers are NOT to keep people from drowning. They are used to keep debris out of the pool when not in use and to prevent the water from evaporating. Anyone who thinks pool covers are meant to prevent drowning is an idiot who didn't bother to do any research.

  23. I appreciate you blog post. I believe a pool cover should be three things: safe, durable and unobtrusive add real value to your home with Elite.

  24. Another option to protect your kids from drowning is using a pool safety net. It has a unique tensioning system which keeps it taut above the water so kids can't fall in.

  25. A nice and good intended Article but the Picture at the
    end is somehwat misleading as there is no clarification?

    So....children can drown but whole families can stand on it....

    I know how this was meant...but it struck me as odd.

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