Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Gender Plays a Big Part on Drowning

Every year, around 140,000 deaths due to drowning around the world are recorded.

Although age is the common factor that contributes drowning, studies reveal that gender plays a big role too.

In the US, studies of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that males are 4 times more likely to drown than females.

This probably has something to do with behavior such as males have greater tendency to try to impress others, would ignore advice and swim more often than females.

The Australia’s National Coastal Safety Report corresponds to this as their statistics showed that men are nine times more likely to drown on Australian coast than women. Aside from disobeying the advice not to swim between the flags, one of the common reasons is alcohol intoxication.

However, the biological aspect also plays a considerable role on why females are less likely to drown.

Females physically have a greater percentage of body fat enabling them to naturally float on their back easily while in the water. Males, on the other hand, probably because they have a higher bone mass percentage, have to struggle to stay afloat and could lead to drowning due to tiredness.


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